Closing Shift 18 Years Old +



Closing Shift 18 Years Old +

Job Description

THANK YOU for showing interest at the position available at this location. We are a privately owned chain of McDonald’s spread out through South Jersey. We appreciate YOU showing interest in the position we have available and we hope to see you soon for an interview.

Here are some details about the position you are applying for as well as some benefits we offer:

You are applying as 18 years of age or older for a closing position. We have shifts available for you from 5pm until 1am  Monday through Sunday.Your shift can not be longer than 8 hours and you would get an unpaid 30 minute break

Based on our assessment of you we may train you to work either waiting on customers in the service area or in the kitchen making food.

Your starting pay rate would be $12.00 an hour

We give you uniform shirts and a hat for free

Anytime you work more than 5 hours you are entitled to a free meal on your break

You also can request time off anytime you need it

We pay our employees every 2 weeks either using direct deposit or a debit pay card, your choice

For anyone looking at applying to college we have a scholarship program that offers money towards your college tuition. It pays $2,500 a year directly to the colleges tuition office. 

Thank you for your interest, Olivia will get some information from you we need to know and from there you can expect a request for an in person interview soon.

It’s great to meet you and we hope to see you soon in the restaurant. Have a GREAT DAY :D